Bespoke Manchester, here to offer an array of services spanning events, exhibitions and interior design. We curate the finest industry experts in the North to offer a unique collaboration between customer and creative.


From concept to creation, we provide a personalised yet low-pressure process. No matter the task, we work to select the perfect combination of Bespoke Manchester collaborators to make your vision a reality.

Our collective’s contacts are lifted straight from the pages of our creator’s little black book. Bespoke Manchester was established on a foundation of specialist design knowledge. Alexa Hartle’s decade of experience in television, film and theatre art departments inspired our hassle-free approach to customer service.

The energy of Manchester’s creative hub encapsulates our passionate and personable spirit.

Enjoy an intimate dinner party, elevate exhibits, cater to commercial clientele, dial up your décor, or simply mark an occasion in your calendar.

Whatever it is you need, we provide it all in one place.

Our network of suppliers always delivers the very best of bespoke.